Artist Story


I have been a professional full-time artist for 20 years, and painting is my passion. I love to capture the world around me with intense and evolving color, for the beauty of the world is fascinating. I typically travel the country exhibiting at fine art show, and have had the distinct pleasure to meet lovers of art from all walks of life. My genres usually include colorful landscapes that capture small nuances of nature, city life that contain imagery of the fast paced lifestyle of vibrant urban communities, florals, and abstract designs.

I have a degree in graphic design from the Art Institute of Atlanta, and enjoyed life for a time as a graphic designer. The fine arts called to me, and I left the corporate ranks and joined the art world as a watercolor, and mixed media artist. I became a visual artist because I could not deny the innate calling of my Godly gift to create. Most recently, I have begun to teach watercolor classes in my local community. It has been a wonderful experience sharing with students what I have learned about painting with watercolor, for it is an amazing medium to work with. I have a partner in this artistic endeavor, and she is my wife Michele. She is the marketer, and photographer of our shop, and we handle things together. I have two artsy daughters, who also have the gift of drawing their world. One is an aspiring veterinarian, and the other, I think is following in her dad's painting footsteps.

My body of work includes abstract acrylics on glass, a favorite among my collectors. I offer a collection of prints that are available at